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Increase your Agency's efficiency and autonomy while building healthy relationships with your Talent and Clients.

Primetag has notoriously improved our communication with both talents and clients.
We now have updated demographics, real-time campaign results and detailed reports at the palm of our hand.

Luis de Val

YouPlanet CEO & Founder



Logan G

Talent managed
by YouPlanet

Your time and your talents are precious to you.
This is how you manage both

Work less to do more: unlock your autonomy with Primetag

Smart work is not hard work. We empower you to handle daily tasks with ease, speed, and efficiency, meaning you get more return from every relationship.

Stop asking for print screens

Replace your spreadsheets

Centralize your chat messages

Your freedom to work is your talent’s freedom too.

Never again will you have to ask for a screenshot late at night to update statistics. Create and send reports autonomously, so you can give your influencers the room they need to shine.

The internet never sleeps. But now you can.

Primetag allows you to upgrade your business and to offer all your clients a premium service:

  • Real-time content monitoring
  • Automatic content clipping
  • Goal oriented reports

We focus on safety and trust.
So you don’t have to.

No credentials, no crisis.

Primetag means nobody has to share login credentials for you to do your job. This is one of the ways we protect your talents’ trust at all costs - so you won’t find out the cost of losing it.

Your talent. Your data.

Primetag lets you and your talent control who can access statistics and insights. And it’s all GDPR compliant.

We keep your talent safe - and we keep your talent yours.

You’ve worked hard to earn your talents. We’ll help you keep it that way: all professional communications to your talent go through you so you can keep poaching competitors away.

The best way to win new clients

From Strategy to Results

From ideation to publication, from briefing to reporting: our intuitive platform keeps all of your Influencer Management process in the same pipeline.

Offer services nobody else is offering

Deliver accurate forecasts and exclusive industry benchmarks to the brands you work with. This is how you set yourself apart.

Successful sales pitches use real data

Having good data is the best start to any partnership. Pitch brands better collaboration proposals, with the certainty provided by Primetag-certified metrics across all social media channels.

These amazing talent agencies use Primetag to manage their Influencer Management processes